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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

U-235 & Me

Monday, 16 January 2017

Gone Girl - be gone! 50 Shades of boring ...

Ok, I've plowed through "Gone Girl." Fifty Shades of Boring! What a load of unending trash about selfish, hateful, childish yuppies no one with any substance in their lives could possibly care about ... 285 of 560 pages in and I was still waiting for a plot point (any plot point) let alone one of interest. The characters are Scott and Laci Peterson if you're wondering, right down to Laci's pregnancy and Scott's affair ... the worst kind of plagiarism masquerading as creativity. Save yourself the agony, go for a walk or something ... No reason to issue a spoiler alert for this dog ... Laci fakes her own death for more attention. Garbage ...

U-235 & Me - Canadian novel

“U-235 & Me” is a fast-paced, light, adventure novel that will appeal to diverse readers interested in Canada. Flying into the far north, the narrator describes his first impressions, “… below us there were only thousands of square miles of soul-testing isolation and enduring winter. Despite heroic efforts and truly epic sacrifice, Canadians did not conquer this land, they outlasted it … I felt my excited sense of adventure grow in the immense vastness of this wilderness, as I turned to a clean page of experience. In a land of indistinct borders or authority, all things were possible. This was freedom.”

This surprising, engaging story draws the reader into an unexpected world of intrigue, “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll,” corruption, wolverines, dynamite, rebellion, danger, and revenge. “U-235 & Me” is a fictional novel only because a portion of it is fiction. It is my fourth Canadian novel and is 97,000 words. The style is light-hearted but also provides more for those wanting to take a deeper look into the text. The young narrator enters his adventure na├»ve and unproven, simply hoping to save wages toward paying for Journalism courses. However, a nightmare of “giant, angry demons colluding with wicked sorcerers” outrage him until he must fight back. When he leaves the north, he returns with another kind of education and a new sense of destiny.

When the great Farley Mowat went into the far north, he found solitude in vast spaces populated with wolves. When I ventured north of the tree line, I watched industrialists and Mother Nature battle it out at the Arctic Circle; that same battle continues today.