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Friday, 28 April 2017

Fast Cats vs Site C - the death of a river

Let's see now ... Fast Cats cost BC $450 Million. Site C will cost BC $9-18 Billion future dollars. Hands down, Socreds, oops, I mean Liberals are insane compared to NDP.
The Peace River dies at Site C

This is the current Peace River mud hole accepting $9 Billion dollars of BC taxes.

Liberals sold these for $19 million -- great business acumen

The Socred/Liberals have always been hard-drinking egotists who can't shake their groupie, star-power insecurities and greed who fall over each other to line up to kiss corporate butt. We keep electing them, despite their corruption and lies, because, what? ... 18 years ago an NDP politician (now making over $1 million per year working for billionaire rip-off artist Jim Pattison) had $17K worth of work done on his deck? Really? ... when Christy Clark is sinking BC into $9 Billion in future debt at Site C? For the record, the Fast Cats cost $450 million -- small potatoes compared to Christy Clark's legacy, which will be more expensive than Gordon Campbell's years of spending for his cronies extravaganza that already has BC in future debt paying for the 2 weeks of winter olympics in 2010 ... How stupid a voting electorate we are ...

Friday, 14 April 2017

Vote BC Liberals out! They are neo-cons who lie for profit ...

I don't know about you but I am pretty sick of listening to how great the Liberals are and how B.C. is #1 in everything. Mostly because I look around and it's pretty easy to see that we as a society are struggling big time. Homelessness is becoming a massive problem thanks to out of control housing and rental prices resulting in tent cities springing up all over the provinceFood bank usage is at an all time highpoverty levels are steadily rising and we have been deep in an opiate crisis that has resulted in close to 1000 deaths so far.

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Disturbed, yes very much so ...

DISTURBED has produced an amazing and timely version of THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE, an anthem Simon & Garfunkel gave the world in 1965. The passages capture the perspective of a disassociated individual, someone different from the status quo, who takes the time and care to warn others of their dangerous choice to remain silent despite the dangers in the world around them. The song captures heart-breaking disenfranchisement and the pain of the individual who has chosen to walk a different pathway to survive, but who remains connected to others through compassion, undeniable humanity, and care. The conflict pours forth in the epiphany of the lone hero saving himself in the knowledge that he cannot save others from their complacency and their worship of false gods of “neon” rather than those who live by the truth in their hearts. Experiencing the heart-breaking silence of the individual in a crowd while the lonely darkness of a rainstorm pelts the cobblestone streets, he stands defiant in a crowd that he tries again to reach to share his warning. He fails, not because of his efforts, but because of theirs ... “people writing songs that voices never shared, no one cared to disturb the sounds of silence.”

If we don’t care for the artists in our society, if we don’t care for ourselves, if we accept without challenge the status quo and the words of those who live within the borders and personal confines of a corrupt political and social system that feeds an obscene economic disparity, we will continue to live blind, live off the backs of those who starve, and shelter those who would take everything though their already blinkered lives are bloated through self-indulgence, greed, and ignorance.