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Friday, 18 August 2017

9 things you can do USA: answer the Charlottesville Horror & White House links to KKK

Have we had enough of this yet?

Petition the administration at the University of Virginia to publicly denounce white supremacist alumni Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, revoke their diplomas, and commit to ejecting them from UVA grounds if they ever show their faces there again

9 things you can do to fight back ...

Warm toes in the winter, cool comfort in the summer

The significant economic and job creation benefits of smaller local generation projects can also be spread throughout B.C.’s heartlands and bring benefits to local communities. B.C.’s existing clean energy projects have resulted in $8.6 billion in private investment and over 16,000 jobs in prospecting, construction, operations, and monitoring in all regions of the province. Moreover, there are over 100 BC First Nations that have benefited from economic development opportunities in clean energy, through ownership, employment, and job training. A recent survey found that First Nations are eager to do more and indicated that there are at least an additional $3.4 billion of projects that First Nations would like to see move forward.

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

What loser believes the lie LNG is cleaner than coal

Methane from LNG -- what loser would believe the lie LNG is cleaner than coal?
Wind, solar, thermal ... can someone please list all the terrible side effects to the planet if these were developed .. for some reason, the nasty side-effects list of Green Energy cannot be found. The conversion creates sustainable jobs, too.
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction employs 190,000 Canadians. 

That means the 23,700 people who work in green energy organizations outnumber the 22,340 whose work relates to the oil sands ... 
The Clean Energy Canada report notes that much of the investment for Canada’s clean-tech expansion currently comes outside the country. Of the five largest investors since 2009, just one, Manulife Financial Corp., is Canadian. Two Japanese companies are in that top-five list, along with two German banking groups.